“God Is Pro Life” is part of Sword of the Lord Messianic Ministry and was founded by author Arnold Beizer.

Arnold Beizer, educated and trained as an attorney is an author, Bible Research Specialist, and Bible Code Decoder. He has accumulated over a lifetime a wealth of information and received Divine Revelation knowledge shared by The Lord. His newest e-book “God Is Pro Life” proves with irrefutable Biblical and medical evidence that a baby’s life begins at conception. Pro-Choice advocates are proven wrong on Abortion. God is the Creator of all Life.

The Author’s Book “If You Don’t Ask You Will Never Know” contains a compendium of knowledge and wisdom of the ages and provides answers to your most important questions. Arnold Beizer prophesied and warned America in April 1990, Eleven (11) years in advance of the 9/11 disastrous terror attack on the World Trade Center. His prophecy was contained in the first issue of the Sword of the Lord Messianic Ministry Newsletter and was registered as copyrighted on May 2, 1990 by the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. The prophecy is included in the Sword of the Lord web site with appropriate authentication.

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